Monday, October 03, 2005

What do we do here? (April, 1981)

Yes, this is the beginning of the end. It's Monday morning, April 20, 1981, as I walk up to the gate. A 10 foot high gate made of those long verticle iron spikes about 4 inches apart looks typical for this DOD place. The guard lets me go through the turnstyle when I asked for "Personnel Department".

The only reason I am here is because I called the previous Friday and wanted to know if there was any action on my application for a job. They said "Oh yes, come on in on Monday". Now they say that I was "picked up" to be a General Engineer in "Medical". I wonder what the hell a General Engineer is, but I don't care very much as long as I get some kind of paycheck. I need money. After filling out an application all over again (The one I filled out months earlier was of a different design) and getting a physical, I am escorted through a maze of hallways for about 1/4 mile until reaching a huge room with large color coded ductwork reminding me of the movie, Brazil. I will find out later how much this place is really like Brazil.

Now comes the good part. After being introduced to the Chief of the Technical Division, I am assigned a desk in theTechnical Assurance Office. What the hell is technical assurance?! After being introduced to some fellows in the area, I sit a little dazed at the desk (1940 vintage) and given a catalog dated in the early 70s to study. I still have no idea what this place is except that it is called the Medical Directorate. Trying to get my arms around the idea of what this place is, I ask if there is an organization chart available. I just get blank stares on that one, so I ask: ........... "What do we do here?".


Blogger Nigel said...

Hey! This is great. I've always wanted to read an account of your time at DOD. Keep the serials coming.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Nigel said...

Oh I like your fractal avatar.

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