Saturday, July 30, 2005

Summary of the 4 days in LA (June 3 to 7)

Rick picked me up around 11PM on Friday night the 3rd and I was suprised how cool it was. The house they have looked so much better than I imagined and you could see the California touch. So nice to see so many books. CDs and DVDs filled a whole bookcase. They still seem like newlyweds.

On Saturday morning, Rick and I had breakfast at Joe's Diner where I had a great omelet and some turkey sausage. Cay had some ceremony at Brentwood High School while we took a long walk past the Santa Monica pier and back home again. Cay's mother came over for a visit around 5 PM and we then finished off the day with wine and Mexican picked up on the next block. Gee joined us and after the breakup for the evening I tried to watch "The Cell" but I crashed when it was about halfway done. Would be a much better movie without JayLo.

Waking up Sunday, I snuck out and had coffee and chocolate cake and Joe's Diner. Renee, the waitress there is so cute. From Georgia.

The three of us went to a food fair a few blocks away and then it was time for brunch. Had a great meal but a tooth popped off my upper plate and for awhile I thought I lost the tooth. I did have it and was able to fix it with some epoxy glue that Gee had. Watched "The Cell". Weird movie, man!

So Monday it was time for a walk to Venice Beach for some real color and a lot of picture taking. Great lunch at "Waterfront ..."
A nap and then Rick and I were off to the center of Santa Monica for some great sushi and saki. Cay was at a meeting for parents but showed up just as we were finishing. Back home to watch "The Great Lebowsky". I love Jeff Bridges in this one.

Tuesday morning and I'm back to Joe's Diner one last time before Rick and I bicycled to Marina Del Ray (about a 15 mile round trip). Just enough time for lunch at a local Irish pub where I enjoyed the traditional cornbeef and cabbage with some Bass Ale. A quick bath in that tub of theirs and off to LAX.


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Great to see that you're bloggin again.

Guy is spelled Guy as in the French.

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